Thursday 26 September 2013

Level 1 to Paragon level 100 in 34 hours

Ever since the information about the global Paragon system get released, there haven't been much else to do in the game, other then leveling characters in preparation.

So i thought i could share what i have been doing towards this goal.

1:The festering woods (for valor stacks) 1.5: If we only got 2-3 stacks in woods, we go Leoric mansion for 1-2 stacks 2: The Fields of Misery 2.5: If The Decaying Crypt and/or Scavengers Den spawns, clear them out (always made sure we had 5 stacks before doing so) 3: Repeat

Doing this run with a geared group, you can gain 350-400 mil xp per hour on average

Some "Pros" for doing this act1 run
  • You can get 5 stacks in Festering Woods very fast (sometimes even 6stacks: 2 elites in Crypts, 3 elites outside + 1 out of 2 random Events)
  • You can get +1 stack very easy in fields of misersy (random chest outside - "the old man" + chest in random dungeons)
  • You got a decent chance to find ether 'Scavengers Den' or "Decaying Crypt" (both are awesome for exp/hour)
  • All Mobs in fields are pretty fast (you can pull them all together with a wd using locust swarm - pestilence rune)
  • Inside the "Decaying Crypt" you can make all those female zobies double or even tripple spawn using locust swarm - pestilence rune (afik they spawn 3 3 2 1 zobies and yes they all give exp + loot)
  • 95 % of the Mobs (except trees and beastes myb will die to a decent stacked crit rend of 2 or 3 barb in a 4 man Party)
  • The map layout is always the same in fields (easy team coordination)

Group composition: 3x WW/Rend barbs + 1x puller Which doctor

Reasons for a WD
  • To kill elites to get to 5 stacks very fast (use fire bats + Voodoo+ Mass Confusion/hex 20%dps + Soj)
  • To lure all Mobs together in fields of misery using locust swarm - pestilence rune + place your Voodoo im big packs
  • To make all those female zobies in the decaying crypt double or even tripple spawn using locust swarm - pestilence rune

Reason for barbs
  • To find all those elite outside the crypts in Festring Woods very fast ( barb is most effective due to perma Speed buffs)
  • To freez the elite with a cold soj while in festering woods (they wont run out of the wd's bat range that fast + mass dps)
  • To kill all the trash the wd lured together using rend with massive crit dmg and crit chance up to 93 %

So onwards to the video showing how its done, and proof for my claim in title

Diablo 3: Level 1 to Paragon level 100 in 34 hours, featuring a average 405mil xp per hour run

(showing gear and build at the end of the video)

I picked this "only 3 stacks in woods" video to avoid the accusations for a cherry picked run. You can top out at over 450mil xp per hour in single runs, if you are lucky...

I would also like to add that its even possible to do it quite a bit faster faster then 34 hours. I was playing mostly solo in the start, and that slowed me down.. I would guesstimate ~30 hours is possible with the right "know how" and group.

If anyone have any comments or questions, feel free to ask :)