Wednesday 30 October 2013

[Disccusion] Why are you/aren't you okay with the increase in BoA loot?

I'm not certain what the ratio is here of people who are able to look past the recent influx of BoA loot (BoA for crafting, enchanting, transmogrify) and those who are opposed to it.

I, for one, don't understand it. Blizzard decide to hit the killswitch on the AH and RMAH, yet add two more means to fill players up with items that they can only ditch via vendoring?

If I'm looking at the logic behind BoA correctly (which I could easily be looking at it totally wrong), the point of it is to reduce the quantity of X BoA loot residing in the economy. That's fair, especially with the ease that the AHs provided. But, removing the AH should make trading much less automated - even if they included an AH like UI that you can post items that you have for sale for a wider audience to see and contact you on if they're interested.

With the enchantment of an item, you get to pick one singular stat (a stat that of course isn't unique-specific to the item), change it to a random value between X and Y of another stat, and then the items other stats are "locked in" and are unable to be modified. Isn't that good enough? If someone could provide some sense to this, that'd help me grasp it much better, I'm sure.

With transmogrification, you pick the 3D visual appearance of an item and throw it onto another item. This also makes the item BoA. Why? Is it not possible to simply undo the transmog once the item is traded? Or is it to prevent players from trading X item that's been transmogrified to something stupid, but telling the buyer that the item isn't transmogrified (which, a simple text could be placed on a transmogrified item)?

Lastly, the new crafting recipes, which were a step forward from the Blizz camp to say "Hey, we know items are messy right now, try these new ones out". You craft these new rare items for a pretty decent chunk of gold/mats, and can eventually role BiS rares for your character. Alright, I can say that this is understandable, and for most it's acceptable. However, I feel like it's only acceptable due to the fact that the AH still exists. What happens when the AHs disappear, and these godly crafts (if they were able to be traded) had no easy means of being sold/traded? I'm not really sure what the point of keeping these BoA would be after the AH is taken down, but it's pretty okay with me - I prefer to play Diablo to find loot, and I play PoE to find/craft loot.

I suppose these kinds of questions could be answered at Blizzcon? Or maybe I should learn to research and see that these answers have already been provided?

Anyone who's opposed to the BoA dealio, why?

Those in favor, why?