Friday 1 November 2013

A True Solution to DCs

This is just a solution I have thought of, actually quite awhile ago and I am sure others have thought of the same thing.

When a player randomly disconnects from Diablo, whether it be a DC, computer cresh, client crash, power outage, anything that disconnects you from Diablo, the following happens:

In a single player game, the game pauses for X amount of time. Lets say X = 10 minutes. So, you DC from the server or your computer crashes, you now have 10 minutes to log back on and continue player. If you do not return in 10 minutes, the game will unpause and you will do the "10 second death penalty" which we currently experience.

In multiplayer, this system will work very similar. In Starcraft, when a players "lags out" they get a 1 minute grace period and then after that 1 minutes it up, the players elect to keep playing the game, or sit and wait for the player's return. This system ALREADY EXISTS in, so why not carry it over to D3? This would allow players to at least have a chance of logging back on. If I am playing with my friends, they would undoubtedly wait for me to return and if you are in a pug you will just be at the mercy of them, at least you will have a chance of them letting you return.

There is 100% no way to abuse this system. If you return, the game will continue. If you are surrounded by monsters walled in stuck in arcane and you pull the plug on your router, when you return you will still be in the same situation. If you do not return, it will be the same as if you did that now, you will sit there for 10 seconds and most likely die.

I see zero reason why this system should not exist. It cannot be abused and it would save so many unnecessary deaths. Not everyone has the best computer and sometimes their computers crash, not everyone has the best ISP and for a lot of people they only have one ISP in their area so they have no choice.

All I am asking is that I at least get some sort of grace period to where if I DC that I have a CHANCE to be able to log back on and not be dead. This would make playing the game so much more enjoyable not having to worry about random DCs.

Sure, if my power goes out for a couple hours and I die that sucks, but that almost never happens so that is something I could love with, but peoples computers crash or DC DAILY, there needs to be a fail safe for this.


Blizzard needs to add a mechanic that pauses the game upon disconnection from The system could not be abused and there is NO REASON that this should not be implemented. A system like this ALREADY EXISTS on (Starcraft).