Tuesday 26 November 2013

My Letter to Blizzard regarding RoS

I have been playing and streaming the beta and enjoying it quite a bit. After 3 days of play my WW barb is crushing Torment 6 like a joke. I had some concerns so I decided to share them with blizzard through an e-mail and I thought I should share it with you all. It's a bit long but I really wanted to convey my feelings and ideas clearly.

Dear Blizzard:

Thanks again for the beta invite, I have been enjoying RoS quite a bit and streaming my experience with Barbarian class over at twitch.tv/cdxliv. I understand that the point of the beta is to test the game and find the bugs, however I feel that just submitting bug reports is not enough for me. So here are some impressions and ideas that I hope you can pass onto the dev team if possible.

The Positives:
  • The mystic is wonderful, the idea of rerolling gear makes me reconsider every piece of dropped gear.
  • Reworked skills promote teamplay synergy and offers loads of fun combinations
  • Act 5 was superb, great design, amazing atmosphere and my favorite fight was the second bossfight which was quite challenging and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
  • The new legendaries have interesting effects
The not so good:
  • Crushing Blow/Splash/Cool Down Reduction is the new trifecta with CB being very overpowered at the moment. This needs to be adjusted accordingly. I propose a 15% max with gear only spawning 2-3% max.
  • Certain legendary items are way too overpowered, the 1 hour shrine gloves should be scaled down to 10-15 minutes. Pride of Cassius should allow ignore pain for 15 seconds instead of 1 min. All of the immune to resist rings are too good as well, the healing portion should be removed or make the damage negation to only 75%. Solanium should limit the amount of health globe spawns to 10-15, even with Crushing Blow Nerf 20-40 health globes are still way too much.
  • Set Items are quite weak, for example the new Immortal King set is useless for the 5 set bonus, since Call of the Ancients do not scale in damage in higher difficulties. Oxen and Earth quake seems quite nice. In RoS picking up a green item is a little bit disappointing.
  • BoA is fine for the most part, it will definitely discourage 3rd party sites and make self found more important. However the 2 hour limit should be increased to 24 hour and it should be tradable to people on your friends list that have been there for more than 7 days. Right now when I solo farm and find an item perfect for a friend, I am out of luck and can not hold/trade them.
  • There is still no end game. I understand that the beta has accelerated drop rates and reduced costs on crafting. However being able to effortlessly breath through Torment VI in 3 days is still not acceptable. Even if on live it takes 30-60 days, there is basically nothing to do afterwards. I understand that you guys are probably holding something back for the live release so hopefully that will help.

The Idea:
A lot of people are championing ladders for endgame, but for casual players ladders will not be appealing. I propose a dungeon/tower system. This system should scale in difficulty steeply with progression.

Tower with 100 levels, once entered you only have one life, skills and gears should be locked in for every 5-10 levels. Each level has it's unique affix (monsters have double health, negate armor or players are slowed by 30%) as the level goes up so does the density and rare difficulty. Every 10 level should have a mega boss fight, every 25 levels should have uber boss. Everything should be randomly generated of course. The important thing is to make it absurdly difficult, it should take the absolute best players 6 month to reach 50 (torm 6), and 2 years to reach 75(torm 6) and 3 years to complete(torm 6). Keep the final boss an absolute secret.

You can have items / drops in normal game to support tower challenges. For example you can craft an item with 100 forgotten souls which instead of straight up dying in tower, puts you back 10 levels and let you continue. Items that let you respec skills and gear. This way players have an incentive to keep on playing other modes.

This tower mode would appeal to all audiences. Difficulty levels will apply for towers, punishment for dying / reward will scale with difficulty. Torment 6 will be the hardest and reserved for the most hardcore players, and it will seem impossible. For casual players they can party up with friends on lower difficulties and see how far they go and still enjoy the challenge. For the hardcore players, there will be tons of theory crafting and practices and serious preparation for tower runs. 3000-4000 players would be completely dedicated to getting the top level on tower. Every streamer would be doing serious tower runs, and the leader board changes should be announced globally in game. There can also be a global aspect to this mode, for example the combined top tower levels of all players can contribute to bonus to tower runs for everyone. Magic Find, Resists, Attack Speed etc. this way the community can rally specific days for all D3 players to play tower so the top end players can have a better chance of progressing.

Of course there would be rewards, make these rewards cosmetic only, but appear epic in visual effects. Flame Wings, Diablo Helms and various levels of awesomeness.

Thank you for reading my long winded response, I really think D3 RoS has great potential to be the game of the year if not decade if the end game is implemented correctly. Great job to the team for taking the game so far, hope it grows to be even better!

Sincerely Yours