Monday 2 December 2013

Diablo II didn't have any "endgame", so why is everyone pushing for D3's "endgame"??

D2's endgame was farming bosses for loot.

I have seen probably 50+ posts over the last week about how the game(D3) has no "endgame"...

The endgame is the fact you can constantly keep finding better items and upgrades. This is how d2 worked. You ran Andy runs or Meph runs to get loot and that was the end game.

For as much as everyone always hates on Blizzard they are taking this portion STRAIGHT from d2, and none of you fuckers are happy about it.

I get really tired of the constant hypocrisy from the diablo community.

Edit - Yes the PVP was probably more endgame as well, but I stuck mostly to offline and LAN games.

Edit 2- For everyone saying "D2 is a 13 year old game." and "Why are you comparing the two?". The reason is because for the last year a majority of the games playerbase has been reaming Blizzard for deviating too much and not implementing the same stuff that made d2 such a great game, yet now all of you want to claim the two should not be compared or are completely different.

Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of the playerbase. I enjoy d3 very much, and still play it regularly, and I hate the community. That is all.