Monday 30 December 2013

[PTR] Wizard, Witch Doctor and Legendary Feedback

I've been trying out the PTR both on my level 60 WD and Wiz and leveling up both of them from scratch. Here's my feedback so far with a focus on the wizard:


  • Love how we only need to play through the game once to hit 60. Much better than redoing the game three times.
  • Reviving at corpse is a huge QoL improvement. Cheers!
  • Drop rates of legendaries while leveling felt much better than vanilla. It was cool actually getting exciting when a legendary was an upgrade.
  • White items don't seem to be dropping very often. This is a problem when they are a reagent to new recipes.
  • Overall, the game feels like a real Diablo game. You're constantly excited about new builds and you keep wanting to play more to get that next drop. Removing the AH really made this PTR fun for me.

Witch Doctor
  • Circle of Life increases your number of dogs to 5 but Zombie Handler doesn't increase it further to 6. WDs should really support the Pet Class and I feel this small change would really help promote that.
  • Similar: Big Bad Voodoo - Boogie Man increases your dogs to 10. Zombie Handler should feel like a 'pet build passive' and increase it further to 11. Again, having more synergy will really help the class.
  • Bug with Big Bad Voodoo - Boogie Man and Zombie Dogs. You can cast Boogie Man, get your 10 dogs then change out the skill and keep all of the dogs as long as you have your normal Zombie Dogs still on the bar. Intended?
  • WDs should further support the Pet Class role by showing how many Fetishes you have at all times, similar to Zombie Dogs.
  • New Vampire Bats feels awesome. You can not worry about regeneration at all and go for passives like Pierce the Veil.


  • Teleport seems to get stuck a lot like it used to before it was fixed. Feels clunky now but the animation is beautiful.
  • Electrocute - Lightning Blast seems far better than any Cold or Fire options. If I want to build a dedicated Ice build for example, I feel at a disadvantage when taking 'Magical Missle - Glacial Spike' or 'Shock Pulse - Explosive Bolts'. They should be evened out a bit to allow for dedicated element builds.
  • Hydra damage still feels too low. It seems like the kind of skill that, if you have room for it on your bar, should always be a DPS increase. Compare it to a passive skill like Magic Weapon - Force Weapon. Right now, you're rewarded higher for a "set it and forget it" type skill than for one you have to actively cast on the field. You should be able to use hydras to increase your damage output rather than for a couple of niche situations.
  • Archon feels awesome to me. I like that it changed to a big cooldown you can blow when you come across an elite pack. However, you are rewarded for getting a lot kills, the exact opposite time you want to be using this skill. There are few situations where you want blow a 2 minute cooldown on a pack of white enemies. It is also rare that you can have a big group of enemies followed by an elite pack. To compromise, I think either the duration should be extended to 30 seconds or the initial damage boost should be higher (50% instead of 20%?)and amount gained per kill should be lower (2% instead of 6%?).
  • Power Hungry is a really great change compared to the old skill. Is it intended that it only works for the first tick of channelled spells? If so, it kind of seems underpowered for channelled spells.
  • Prodigy at 4 arcane power feels too week. I barely noticed a difference in arcane regeneration spamming Lightning Blast at 2.5 APS. It should be buffed to double or triple it's current amount.
  • Galvanizing Ward at a 12.5k shield is far too weak. It should really scale off your health as a (40%?) shield.


This is a review of only the Legendaries I tested and found issues with.
  • The Magistrate - Feels really awesome to use this but it should be more "build changing". A simple way to do this is just allow the Hydra to use whatever rune of Frost Nova is on your bar. Suddenly, you're changing 2 skills on your bar, both Hydra and Frost Nova.
  • The Swami - Similar to the Magistrate, the effect should really take on the rune of your Frost Nova. Again, it would be a build changing legendary in that you now get a bonus for having Frost Nova on your bar.
  • Harrington Waistguard - The buff feels kind of pointless. Since chests are somewhat uncommon and you typically only find them after you've killed a group of enemies, 10 seconds just feels too short. It should really be the kind of buff you want to keep up 100% of the time. Maybe decrease the effect to 15% but allow it to last 2 minutes? Suddenly you're running around trying to find chests constantly then take out a crowd of enemies. This change would allow the legendary to become more game-play changing in my opinion.
  • Goldwrap - 5 seconds feels too short to be significant. Typically you are getting gold after you've killed enemies. This is the time where you specifically don't need a boost in armor. Should be 10%? the effect for 30 seconds where picking up additional gold will stack and refreshes the timer.

Bonus album of the legendaries I found while playing: