Wednesday 4 December 2013 scam warning

I'll try to make this quick as I'm heading out.

About an hour ago a friend of mine linked me this site with a referral id. I'm skeptical so I decide to check it out. It's hosted in Australia at some webhosting company for the common people, clearly not official. It stores the referral id it assigns you in a cookie and actually does count how many people get to the site on your referral link. Figured I'd see how well they had implemented it and simply searched twitter for the website and located an early referral id. Then replaced the referral ID in the cookie and the website accepted it.

At 10 referrals you get a download link for a rar archive, the archive contains another rar archive and a text file. The text file explains that people had been posting the keys on e-bay and thus they decided to password protect the keys. They link to another download site where they claim you have to fill in a survey for "free". I went there to see how far it went, but stopped as the "survey" I was offered was an expensive sms subscription service.

So yeah, this site is a scam, if you see people spreading it please let them know. I'll provide links to the download of the archive in PM if anyone wants to investigate further, but I take no responsibility if you sign up for anything or the passworded archive contains malware.