Sunday 15 December 2013

Start Giving Blizzard Realistic Beta Feedback And Stop With The Grandiose, Unrealistic Ideas

"Because blizz uses betas only to chop, never to add." - Confirmed by Blue Post.

Now with that said, I'd like to see more constructive feedback on the content present in the beta itself. I keep seeing all these posts going on about:
  • Endless Dungeon & Endless Nephalem Tower
  • Infinite PVEVP / PVPVE Mode
  • Super Omega Alpha Flare Mode That I Want To See But Is Nowhere Near What Is Currently In The Beta

While those ideas are very cool, you must keep in mind that they don't just happen overnight. They don't happen in one week. They don't happen in one month. These things take time to be created, written, drawn, animated, coded, implemented, and tested. Those huge, out of left-field suggestions aren't helping them make Reaper of Souls better, because none of them are realistic possibilities between now and release, which is very close now:

Instead, let's discuss and make some threads about ACTUAL CONTENT in the Beta, such as:
  • Monster Density from 1.0.8 doesn't seem to be present in the Beta
  • Underpowered / Overpowered Legendary effects (Pox Faulds still sucks even at 70)
  • New Sword & Board Passive on Barbarians serves little purpose and is (IMO) out-performed by other skills
  • The Slash - Electrify Rune is very underwhelming
  • Paragon Level point distribution
  • The fact that at the higher levels, 2H'ers are currently not worth using for any class except Crusader.
  • Reporting Actual Bugs
  • Are there any other skills with massively overshadowed runes?
  • Suggestions which are small enough tweaks that don't require months and months of development time

Even if you do not yet have access to the Beta, you can contribute by watching streams and forming your own opinion of the gameplay. That is how I spotted the density one.