Sunday 15 December 2013

[VIDEO] ALL Crusader Abilities, Runes, and Talents in 15 minutes for easy comparison

I hadn't paid much attention to the Crusader's abilities since he was announced way back when. Glad to know that I can make a Hammerdin from Diablo 2 again! i was leveling this way for a while, it was a lot of fun. its a fairly cheap skill and with the right supporting abilities the wrath isn't too much of an issue. I havnt messed with it since 70 though, so i don't know how effective it is in torment. Currently monster HP is just silly high in torment, so many of abilities just fall flat still, hopefully this gets fixed soon.

for instance, i dont even consider the damage from the primary's because it is so pitiful against the monsters health, so only the effects matter, and they all do the same job as far as wrath generation goes. I really feel this is bad design, while they are generators and shouldn't be the only thing you do, they should feel like they are contributing more than a buff/effect and wrath generation.

hammers worked will for me for a while, and it was a ton of fun, but while leveling on master, they felt like they started falling behind. There is a nice passive for them though, but its not available until late 60s . There is currently an kneck that can proc a vortex on all mobs, its great for lots of builds, but it really shined with hammers, pulling everything in to the swirling vortex of doom.

there are so many cool and fun abilities in this class with potential and flavor, but they need to be viable/competitive damage wise.

right now i think the majority of crusaders are using phalanx/shield bearers because of how good it is compared to any thing else. I see a nerf of some sort coming to it, but at current monster hp, its one of the few abilities that dosn't feel like a wet noodle. So think we are going to see some better tuning of monster health, then bring more abilities in line by bring everything closer to the middle.