Thursday 27 March 2014

Bounty runs (extra) legendaries?

So, quick explanation!

If you are 4 people, running normal bounty runs, completing a single bounty each, so it takes around 20 minutes to farm 5 caches.
That's ofc normal BUT!

As you know, chests, corpses, urns, etc also has a change to drop legendaries.

If, let's say you are running 4 people and there are 5 acts in 1 game with 5 bounties in each act = 25 bounties right? yes.

The "exploit" here is:
All the bountie zones that YOU didnt complete, but your 3 other mates did, which will rougly be 75% of the bountie zones, since you are 4 people.
They can have legendaries on the ground, so if you go to a zone that you didnt complete a bounty in, it can have a legendary on the ground!

  1. Chests/urns/corpses etc. are GAME wise, which means if you stand in act 1 and your friend opens a chest in act 5, you are likely to get a legendary from that chest.
  2. If you just tp to to all the waypoints in a game that you did bounties 4 people in, you are PRETTY likely to get a legendary, we do this all the time, and atleast 2 of us gets legendaries, if all the party members just remembers to open everything that is openable.
  3. It takes around 1 minute to check ALL the waypoints in all 5 acts.
  4. PROFIT (Extra phat lewts!)
Tested, and confirmed.