Monday 17 March 2014

Farm Leg (3-6/H) + xp. 2.0.3

Since chest is nerfed, i looked for a place to farm legendary.

I'm at 3-6 leg per hour right now doing this quest, in Torment 2 so i can level up a bit.

Wretched mother have 95% chance to drop an item, thats why its fast !

Kill all elites u see.

  1. Act1 The fallen star - Rumford at the gate.
  2. kill first mother (mostly blue item for only this one)
  3. kill 2nd mother
  4. check for musty cellar if open (2chest or 1 elite)
  5. kill 3rd mother
  6. check for damp cellar if open (1chest or 1 elite or cursed chest)
  7. kill 4th mother
  8. check for dank cellar if open (1 - 2chest or 1 elite)
  9. kill 5th mother
  10. check for dark cellar if open (1 - 2chest or/+ 1 elite or/+ 1 gob)
  11. kill 6th and 7th mother
  12. kill the queen
  13. finish quest for exp
  14.  repeat !

Look the path and numbers for mothers location: 

Note :
-there is a unique monster "samuel" that appear 100% each time only on torment, give great loot too.
-i'm using a sorc 200k dps unbuffed, with leg "warzechian armguard", it increase your mov.speed when u destroy a wreckable object !