Monday 31 March 2014

How to obtain the amazing new level 70 Hellfire Ring

Today i will show you guys how to obtain the new and improved Hellfire Ring for level 70. Much like its previous version this ring has no level requirement but has an extra 10% experience gain making it 45%, also the level 70 version can roll up to 500 int/str/dex.

I will explain what you need for this bad boy, and where you can find everything needed to make yourself a proud owner of the new and improved hellfire ring. So without any further ado lets get started

1. Keys and where to find them!

First of you need to aquire 4 different keys. Each of these keys drop from special Unique monsters found in specific areas. The easiest way to have acces to all keys is simply in addventure and bounty modes. This way you can swap between act during the same game without having to recreate new games every time.

  • first you need the "key of Bones", found on Odeg the Keywarden in Act 1 - Fields of Misery.
  • Second you will need the "key of Gluttony", found on Sokahr the Keywarden in Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis 
  • The third key will be the "key of War", found on Xah'Rith the Keywarden in Act 3 - Stonefort
  • The final key will be the "key of Evil", found on Nekarat the Keywarden in Act 4 - Silver Spire Level 1

2. Infernal Machines.

Now that you have all the keys needed it is time to combine them into the Infernal Machines. But first you need to aquire the Blacksmithing plan to create those machines. This plan is dropped from Nekarat the Keywarden in Act 4 - Silver Spire Level 1. Once you have the plan and used it you have learned how to create the infernal machines. Simply go to your local blacksmith and search the list for a subsection called "Portal Device". In this section you will see 4 different recipes, Infernal Machine of War/Evil/Bones/Gluttony. Depending on your luck you need atleast 1 of each meaning you have to farm 4 of each key making it a total of 16 keys.

3. Bosses and what they drop.

We have collected 4 different keys, made them into an Infernal Machine and are ready to rock. Each machine will open its own realm with its own unique set of bosses. Each realm contains 2 Bosses wich are the main act bosses in the campaign. You will have to fight both of them at the same time.

-Infernal Machine of Bones
This will open a portal where you have to fight The Skeleton king and Maghda.
This encounter drops "Leorics Regret"

Skeleton King: he will often teleport and melee you as well as spawn adds just deal with those and he is simply dealt with.

Maghda: She has to be dealth with the same time as skeleton king, she wil spawn fly swarms and arcane beams regularly, simply avoid these. Aside from that she will shield herself after every 25% hp lost and spawn a set of adds. You will need to kill these adds in order to remove her shield and be able to dps her again.

-Infernal Machine of Gluttony
This will open a portal where you have to fight Ghom and Rakanoth
This encounter drops "Vial of Putridness"

Ghom: a fairly simple and straight forward encounter. He will often spawn gas clouds wich will deal damage over time, stay out of it but remain close to it so the next gas cloud will spawn near the previous one. The clouds last for a long time and you might find yourself in a position where you have no more room to stand if you don't have high enough dps. He will also sometimes spit at a random player spawning slimes. Just kill the slimes and focus back on Ghom

Rakanoth: realy easy boss. He will sometimes spin throwing projectiles in random directions, just deal with it it is hard to dodge and the damage from it is low. He also randomly jumps to people, again nothing you can avoid.

-Infernal Machine of War
This will open a portal where you have to fight Siegebreaker and Zoltun Kulle
This encounter drops "Idol of Terror"

Siegebreaker: From the start he will have his reflect affix up at all times reflecting damage you deal to him. He will sometimes grab people during wich period he will stand still and after a few seconds slam them into the ground. He will also charge you wich you can simply sidestep and avoid. As a final attack he will slam the gound with heavy damage, dont stand infront of him.

Zoltun Kulle: He can be a pain. He will often shoot fireballs at you, spawn tornados and spawn slow bubbles on the ground. Avoid everything he throws at you and keep him away from siegebreaker to simplify the fight.

special note: Personally i have found it easiest to leave 1 person on siegebreaker on the far side of the room and take kulle to the opposite side where the rest of the team takes him out. This will ensure that you aren't getting unlucky RNG with their abilities

-Infernal Machine of Evil
This will open a portal where you have to fight Diablo himself.
This encounter drops "Heart of Evil"

Finaly, Diablo himself. Troughout the whole fight he will shoot fireballs at you, wich if you get hit by will leave a pool of flame dealing heavy damage. He will slam the ground causing fireballs to shoot in all directions, when you see him raise his fists run away to make it easier to avoid. The third ability he has is a fire breath, he will channel this for a few seconds while following the player he is focussing on, run away from it and try to make sure you dont kite the beam trough your team members. His final ability is rather simple to deal with, he will stand still and spawns prisons around the map wich will be indicated a few seconds before by shadows on the ground. If you stand in the shadow when the prison spawns you get locked in place and diablo will pick you up dealing heavy damage.

Finally on when you get diablo to 75% and 50% he will spawn 1 additional boss. The bosses that spawn can be any of the bosses that are available in the other realms, meaning it can spawn skeleton king, mahgda, zoltun kulle, siegbreaker, rakanoth and ghom. All these bosses their tactics remain unchanged and have to be dealth with right away.

On 25% diablo will make 2 copies of himself with the same health wich will have the same abilities.

4. Crafting the ring.

If you are lucky you will have all 4 pieces to craft the ring. The final task at hand is getting the recipe and crafting the ring. The recipe to craft the ring is sold by Squirt the Peddler for 5million gold wich can be found in act2 next to the Mystic. After learning the recipe at your jeweler you can craft ring.

5. Droprates.

In order to obtain the keys and the parts for the ring your game needs to be on atleast torment 1. On torment 1 you will have a base of 25% drop chance wich gets increased by 5% for each torment level up to a maximum of 50% on torment 6. Also each keywarden has a small chance of dropping any of the other act keys aside from his own

Hopefully this guide has been helpfull, if you have any questions let me know and ill try to answer them.

Happy hunting and good luck on rolling that awesome quad fecta ring.