Tuesday 1 April 2014

[Powerleveling] Leveling friend/alt extremely quickly, plus tons of bloodshards

You can level characters very quickly with the help of a level 70.

  1. A level 70(ish) character with Adventure unlocked (main)
  2. At least 5 Rift Keystone Fragments
  3. A friend or another account (alt)
  4. [OPTIONAL] A semi-high level character on the main's account

If friend doesn't have Adventure unlocked:
  1. Have the main create a Act 5, 8.3 with the alt in the party
  2. Both leave game
  3. Promote the alt to party leader
  4. Hit resume
  5. Kill Malthael

If friend doesn't have Torment unlocked:
  1. Create a torment 6 adventure with a character on the main's account with the alt in party (Note: level does not change, must be able to clear Torment 6 when it is scaled to this character's level)
  2. Have the alt stay in-game
  3. Log onto the level 70 main

How to powerlevel:
  1. Create a torment 6 game with the highest level character that you can handle quickly without dying (i.e. the main uses a 50 alt, quests give more exp than the alt's level 1) 
  2. Have the character being powerleveled stay in town to be safe, can follow along but VERY dangerous if on hardcore
  3. Open a Nephalem Rift (doesn't matter who)
  4. Complete with the main (Optional, have the alt port to you before the boss dies to get bloodshards)
  5. Turn in quest (Optional, log off the main and onto one of your alts)