Friday 14 March 2014

Since the devs seem to be unaware of this: Arcane Torrent (Cascade) is bugged and can easily double your DPS (

As Arcane Torrent (Power Stone) is being hotfixed it appears that the developers are not aware of a much more serious issue with the Cascade rune (that a lot of high-end Wizards seem to be abusing but not talking about):

Cascade Enemies hit by Arcane Torrent have a 12.5% chance to fire a new missile at a nearby enemy dealing 582% weapon damage as Arcane.

The bug: the 12.5% chance applies to all sources of damage, not just Arcane Torrent.

Here's a video demonstrating this in combination with Arcane Orb (Scorch):

Here's a video of someone killing Torment V Ghom in 60 seconds without aiming at him at all for the entire fight:

The only other damage sources present are:

  • 100% weapon damage/s Fire Walkers
  • 915% weapon damage Frost Nova / 8.8 second CD = ~100% weapon damage/s
  • 28% weapon damage/s Frost Armor

That's a total of 228% weapon damage/s. My damage consists of:

  • 180k sheet @ 1.5 attacks/s
  • +50% elite damage
  • +15% arcane damage

Thus, 228% weapon damage/s (none of it Arcane) would become:

  • 180k / 1.5 (attack speed) * 1.5 (elite bonus) = 180k damage/s

Over 60 seconds this accounts for 10 million damage out of Ghom's 280 million life.

Therefore, Arcane Torrent (Cascade) dealt 270 million damage in 60 seconds, equaling 4.5 million DPS while missing the entire time!.

...but what if you actually bother to keep your cursor on Ghom? It cuts the kill time in half, giving you a DPS of 9 million. That's a 50x sheet DPS increase - if we take out the 50% elite bonus and 15% arcane bonus, this is equivalent to a 2200% weapon damage skill... actually that can't be right since that'd mean by itself Cascade is 1100% weapon damage... oh well.

I hope this is fixed soon as it's pretty depressing when you've got +50% bonus Disintegrate damage but can't even reach half of the damage of Arcane Torrent without any other modifiers.