Thursday 13 March 2014

Thank you Josh Mosqueira for turning Diablo 3 into one of the best games there are

When Josh was given the job as Game Director of Diablo 3, the game was in a desperate state. (July 2013) A lot of the playerbase had left, the auction house and the exploiters/hackers it attracted grew more and more as a problem and the lootsystem showed eclatant lacks. Even though the game itself had a great graphic & audio design and a very intuitive combat system, it was not near as motivating as its predecessor.

Jay Wilson "moved on" to another project, and Josh Mosqueira was given the unforgiving job as Game Director. A lot of people had given up on both D3 and the new Director, thinking that the ship was already sinking. And now look at what we have today:

The Loot is fixed, AH is being removed and a big point of criticism, the repetitive quests, is being ameliorated. He turned this game from a mediocre one into arguably the best Hack and Slay to date.

Thank you, Josh Mosqueira