Monday 28 April 2014

5-6 Legs/HR ( EXPLAINED - New afk farm)

The flaw

There are "rat callers" who spawn "plagued vermin". Those rat callers are always x-yards away from you, leaving those plagued vermin's very close to you. With thorn damage you will damage the rat callers, resulting in a dead game over time. The trick is to use firewalkers. With this, you will kill the plagued vermin's, but not the rat callers.

Walk trough:

Take the WP to Westmarch Heights in act 5. Either bounty or adventure, it does not matter. Next, you have to find the "repository of bones" dungeon. This is random, not every game has this dungeon. When it is in your game (high chance), it should be close to the WP. Its a stairway down to the dungeon.

After you are in, you simply walk trough the game gathering some rat callers. Your agro on those is not that big, so you might have to lure them a few times. The next part is to stand in a corner and enjoy.


You will need a lot of the following:

  • Life
  • Life per second
  • Armor

A cool extra is the "rogar's huge stone" legendary, which gives % life per second based on your missing life.
It might be just random normal white mobs, but they come in great numbers.  Hence you really do need a lot of toughness and healing.
Either you can go for a nice 2H, or a 1H with a ruby for maximum damage (fire walkers is based on weapon damage!). While the 2H can max your DPS more, a 1H will give you an option for a shield.

Also do not forget:
You cannot have ANY thorns damage or area damage! If you have that, you will kill the rat callers.

Obviously you can use the barbarian skill "threatening shout" with grim to increase your gains and shoulders of zakara to make sure your gear does not break.