Thursday 24 April 2014

PSA: Don't salvage Harrington Waistguard without taking it for a test drive...

This may be common knowledge for some, but this thing was sitting in my stash for about 2 weeks before I decided to try it out. The Legendary Affix is "Opening a chest grants 100–135% increased damage for 10 seconds."

Doesn't sound that interesting for those of us not in-the-know. However, it turns out that, much like a 12 year old girl in a training bra, Blizzard has a pretty loose definition for what counts as a chest. They consider anything that could possibly give loot that requires a click rather than an attack as a "chest". Corpses, loose stones, armor racks, Khazra altars. Anything that won't open up if you swing a sword at it but could potentially give loot is a "chest". EDIT: Tsplodey informs me that chandeliers also proc it. Sounds like if you hover your cursor over something and it gives a blue "click me!" outline rather than a red "attack me!" outline (other than doors), it will proc the affix.

It turns out that there are surprisingly few levels that AREN'T littered with such things. I have taken to fighting elites and rift guardians by using "chests" as a mini-Power Pylon.

So consider that my PSA. Don't doubt the Harrington Waistguard.

EDIT 2: I'm flattered by the attention (and the gold!) that this received, so I wanted to update it with further testing.

Things it doesn't work on that are otherwise blue and clickable: Doors and satchels (things that give lore tomes).

Things it does work on that don't really give items: chandelier chains and lore items (like the Rygnar Idol).

Mechanism: It works just like a "+X% to Damage" passive, additive. Example images:

Before (20% skill bonus from Pierce the Veil): 

After (130% skill bonus summed from 20% PtV plus 110% from belt):