Wednesday 23 April 2014

AFK farming - 2 billion xp/hr + tons of item drops [help needed]


  • Adventure or normal mode
  • Act V
  • Area: Battlefield of Eternity
  • Event: Demonic Prisoner
  • Bounty required: No
  • Spawn location: Edges of the area
  • Lead the elite far away and the minions keep spawning.
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Credit to Jayohz for helping determine the place and method.

Originally Posted by jayohz
Demonic Prisoner

You cannot kill the elite but instead, you move him away from the area. The normals keep spawning.

I cannot see pic clearly but it's probably torment 4. Can do it 5 and 6. I find it more efficient on 5.

Possible 100% safe method for t6
By vaulting out of the area very quickly after pulling the boss it seems possible to get the spawns stuck behind this pillar that falls down. I have to test this more tomorrow.

The downside of this method is that you can only get 2x3 spawns at max if you stand in this corner. The far west 3 mob pack wont spawn.