Wednesday 2 April 2014

Easy goblin pack kill inside rifts.

I don't know if this is common knowledge to everyone but few times I hit a huge goblin pack inside a Rift in a public game and people usually just rush into the pack causing 80% of the goblins to run away.
So here is a very simple guide how to try to avoid this:
  • If you play in a group you can usually see goblin pack at the edge of the screen (usually 3-4 of them). Do not come any closer, you can be sure theres more of them.
  • If you see them simply write in a group chat to wait and not to engage (hopefully they'll listen).
  • Simply leave one player near the gobling pack and make him wait there.
  • Other 3 players split up and search for the Conduit or Power shrine.
  • Tell your team to set up all possible DPS cooldowns like Archon or Berserker (in case if you can only find power shrine).
  • When you find the shrine simply pick it up.
  • Right click on your friend portret and teleport to him.
  • Blast all of the goblins in 10 seconds > profit.
I hope this is helpfull.