Tuesday 15 April 2014

Semi AFK Bugged Event - ActV - The Great Weapon

There is a bug that will keep the monsters monsters spawning but will not count against the event. The kicker here is that the event will kill the monsters for you and you will get exp for those monsters. This is easier to do on Bounties as you can guarantee that the event is there. This is easier with a tanky type class but any class with defensives lined up should do. I am getting roughly 400m EXP per hour on T6 completely afk using my keypad macro only.


  1. Go to Act V - Battle of Eternity Waypoint
  2. Locate the Great Weapon Event.
  3. Start the Event and stand on the WEST STAIR CASE at the top of the FIRST flight of stairs from the botto,.
  4. Ensure you are on the very west part of the stairs so the Angel at the bottom covers you with their spells.
  5. Step up and AFK macro (I suggest as many defensives as you can any what ever else that will keep you alive the longest on your bars)

As long as you are at the top of the first flight of stairs the monsters will keep spawning but will not count against the ticker.