Wednesday 16 April 2014

[Guide]Xp Farming without the need of good gear

I will now share with you a method i recently discovered which you can use to powerlevel your alts. Its perfect for low geared characters because it doesnt require you to kill anyone on Torment 6 and is easy and fast to do(by fast i mean you dont need to refresh the game 30 times to wait for a certain rare bounty to spawn)

Here is a video on how to do this:

If you dont want to watch the video read below:

Steps to complete this route:

  1. Set game to Campaign mode and select the quest "Rumford at the Gate" ACT I
  2. Make the difficulty to Normal if you have no gear whatsoever. Doesnt matter what difficulty you choose here just pick the easiest one for you.
  3. Go outside to Rumford and start the quest.
  4. Kill the first wretched mother to get the Bonus to the quest. The Bonus is to kill 3 Wretched Mothers.
  5. Proceed and kill 2 of the 3 mothers. After you have killed the 2nd one teleport to town and exit the game
  6. Before you resume the game change difficulty to Torment 6 and then click Resume game
  7. The quest will remain the same. It will say you have killed 2 out of 3 mothers. Go outside of town and right next to the gate there will be a Wretched Mother.
  8. Lure her into the town by hitting her with ranged attacks. Once she steps inside the town she is instantly killed and you are granted ~10,000,000 XP at level 60 and 80k gold.
  9. Repeat
  10.  Get bored of Diablo and go cook a cake!