Friday 30 May 2014

Current state of the Barbarian in D3

So, I wanted to get your opinion on the current state of the Barbarian in D3. This is not supposed to be a whine thread or something, but I'm playing Barbarian like 90% of my time, as it is the class which is the most fun to me, so I want to shoot out some of my thoughts towards the class.

Right now, it just feels a bit lackluster (You are not alone, monk). I mean, we got that EQ set, yeah, and it also kicks ass, but I don't feel like this should be the way we should go. Our 6 Pieces class set, Raekors, is completely useless compared to the Crusader or Witch doctor one. Actually, there is really only one viable build which is good for playing above T4, and that is EQ, Lut sucks and maybe the IK set.

Compared to other classes this is not really a big variety of options how I can play my barbarian. The 3 most attractive classes right now, WD, Crusader and Wizard, all of them have different styles how you can play them. We are basically piled on going EQ.

I mean, even though this is not that great, I like to play EQ, and I personally don't have much of a problem with it. But many people also want to try to do T5/T6 with lightning barbs, and it just doesn't work too good.

I think one of our main problem is the lack of items which are able to change the way a skill works. And as far as I know, we indeed have the lowest amount of items with such special effects.

I mean the point I am trying to get to is not to say that the barbarian sucks, but rather that we need some aid to make it attractive... We can solo and compete, but it just feels lacking as other classes are much better at doing things we are just mediocre at.

What also bugs me is the way our resource works, especially in group play. In the time im trying to generate wrath (you can pretty much guess how long this takes when taking usual game fps in a party into the calculation), my buddies already shut down everything with damage numbers I'm only capable to throw out like 5 times before it's time to regenerate. My crusader friends doesn't seem to have that problem, according to his neverending rain of blue rays.

What is your opinion?