Thursday 5 June 2014

A fast and efficient way of farming any Set or Legendary crafting material.

I realised that alot players might not know exactly how easy it is to get yourself a crafted set.. and I mean a good one. I'm going to make this guide as 'new player' friendly as possible.

Step 1: Join a Mat Farming community. There are heaps, I'm sure there's one for your server, however I'm using my own (US) as an example. The most popular US channel is 'Mat Farming'.

Step 2: Go over and check out the Diablofan's guide on Mat drop locations. Today we're going to use Aughlid's Mat farming as an example. You're looking for a 'Shard of Ensteig Plate'. As you can see, using the guide there are many bounties available that spawn this mob, because of which I think that Aughlid's is the easiest and most farmed mat in the game.

Acquired from: Act I, Defiled Crypt, The Matriarch's Bones Event, Lord Dunhyld (Event spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: The Matriarch's Bones
Act I, The Festering Woods, Feklar's Ghost (Rare spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: Kill Feklar's Ghost
Act I, The Festering Woods, Hawthorne Gable (Rare spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: Kill Hawthorne Gable
Act II, Unknown Dephts, The Archivist (Event spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: Kill The Archivist
Act II, Tomb of Khan Dakab, Spirit of Khan Dakab (Event spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab
Act II, Realm of Shadow, The Tomekeeper (Rare spawn Enraged Phantom), Bounty: Kill the Tomekeeper
Where to farm: Act I, The Festering Woods
Source: Diablofans
As you can see there are 3 for act 1 and 2 for act 2. 

Step 3: Open up Diablo 3 and set your game to Torment 6. We are using t6 because the drop rate will be 77%. (It's recommended that if you're a fresh level 70 that you may want to start out at a lower difficulty, check the top of the Diablofans guide for drop rates regarding different difficulties)

Start the game and hit the 'm' key and then right click to zoom out, hover your cursor over the exclamation marks about Act 1 and 2 and scan for the desired bounties. If there are none, leave game and start a new one until there are.

If you've found one, check to see if there are more before making your way as close as possible to the mat dropping mob. We do this because unless you're Paragon 300 or above, we're going to ask to be carried, which most higher levels don't bat an eyelid to because they're receiving rare crafting mats in exchange and it speeds up the process in general.

Step 4: Say you've found the Matriarch's Bones quest and have made it all the way to the ghost who starts the quest, we then post to our 'Mat Farming' community something along the lines of "t6 aughlids, need carry" and we have a game full of higher level players in seconds, they'll most likely just roll through, fuck everything up and if you're 77% lucky your mat will drop.

Remember always to thank them for the carry.

Step 5: Repeat. You're going to need multiple mats to craft good items, the more chances at crafting an item you have, the more likely it is that one of them will be good.

Hope this helps you, happy farming.