Saturday 7 June 2014

Blizzard is fighting an uphill battle against the "Drop Rate Conspiracy" Crowd; Roll20 has been dealing with similar RNG conspiracies over their online dice roller despite proving it to be more random than physical dice

Roll20 Blog - Introducing QuantumRoll

Roll20 is an online tabletop RPG tool for playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. They had proven through several trillions of pseudo-experiments that their existing dice roll random number generator was even more random than physical dice, which have tiny microscopic imperfections that make them less random.

Even with tons of hardcore evidence, people didn't buy it and continued to accuse the tool of being nonrandom. In the blog post linked above, the Roll20 team went to a ridiculous length by deploying QuantumRoll, a system that derives its RNG seed from fluctuations in the power of a split beam of light. Yes, a physical RNG source.

People are still complaining that it's not fair.

tl;dr: Even if Blizzard ties the Legendary drop rate to the random decay of a Caesium atom and shares a live video feed of their RNG at work, people will still come up with goofy loot conspiracy theories. Defend Blizzard when you can on this subject; their only recourse is to squelch and lock posts that go on about loot conspiracies.