Thursday 17 July 2014

Am I crazy or would straight up removing Critical Hit Damage improve the game a lot ?

To start, sorry if this is topic has already been brought up and shut down, but anyways...

The way I see it CHD is a stat that you need on all items that support it, but unlike the other necessary stats it adds nothing to the gameplay. There are builds that can be built around attack speed, there are a lot of skills that get procs from critical hits (giving CHC alone a purpose), but CHD just makes numbers bigger and takes up 1/4 of 4 item slots.

If CHD was removed from the game, and they added more procs on critical hits to skills, and monster health was lowered accordingly to compensate I think it would open up a lot more gearing possibilities with just that minor bit of change. We would see builds actually focused around crits like in very early Diablo 3 vanilla days (first few weeks, I'm thinking of cyclone monk before people had gear good enough to view having CC as easy to get and necessary), and perhaps more heavy CDR builds, tanky build (maybe?), attack speed build, or if we were so lucky to get some new type of stat we'd see x stat builds.

What do you guys think, am I crazy for thinking this would be a good idea?