Sunday 27 July 2014

PTR - Greater RIft Key Dupe

Have 2+ players in game. Best with 4.

  1. Go to obelisk.
  2. Place trial key into the slot.
  3. Click Accept
  4. Drop your trial key on the ground.
  5.  Everyone in your group will have a pop-up prompt to go inside the rift. Have them all click on CANCEL.
  6. Now the rest of your party needs to all drop their trial keys on the ground as well. AT THIS POINT EVERYONE'S TRIAL KEY is on the ground.
  7. You will now get a pop-up prompt saying so and so denied to enter, would you like to continue without them etc... Click OK. (you will need at least a key to enter(will consume a key)
  8. Once you're inside the rift, Teleport back to town as soon as possible.
  9. Wait in town for the time remaining to go down. Until the objective tells you to talk to Orek.
  10. Talk to Orek.
  11. Everyone in your group gets a key and you get your key back.
  12. Pick up your trial keys that you dropped.
  13. Rinse and repeat.