Wednesday 6 August 2014

Suggestion - Finishing bounties in all acts rewards player with an uber boss fight.

We all agree that bounties are getting tedious and unrewarding, I was thinking that once a player completes bounties for all acts, he/she should be rewarded with a token which can be activated to open a portal for an uber fight similar to the infernal machine, perhaps with 2 random bosses like the Rift Guardians.

The drop of the uber fight could just be similar to the Rift guardian - guaranteed soul with some shards, or simply be a guaranteed legendary like Maltheal in Campaign (or a random organ for Hellfire amulet, considering 2.1 Amulet is BiS). The droprate of shards/additional legendaries will scale with difficulty.

This will make bounty more rewarding and give players more incentive to finish all bounties.