Friday 8 August 2014

irst Impressions of Roland's Legacy (New Crusader Set)

I heard you guys have doubts about the new Crusader set, Roland, being viable. I hope this preliminary impressions video reinforces your faith in Blizzard's team to design a fun set that isn't just 'Super Sayan Form All The Time'. ;) Some points of interest:

  • To compliment the kill speed, I have never seen my Wrath deplete so fast. With no perma-Akarat, this build will need some serious consideration for the resource management.
  • The new version of the Heart Slaughter polearm can now roll up to 30, yes, 30% physical skills damage. This is nuts, it's like a Maximus on steroids - I guess lacking a unique proc makes for 10% more elemental damage but... holy balls.
  • It might be just my bad rolls/unoptimized gear & build, but the playstyle of Roland is very different. I would call it assassin like - you go in, burst your target, horse out, and wait for cooldowns.
  • The Roland set has quite possibly the best looking knightly shoulderpads in my book, surpassing my former favorite (Rakkisgard Pauldrons).

As a side note, this is the first time I try to publicize something that isn't a heavily edited guide video. I hope my excitement - or yours! - of playing with something genuinely new and fun doesn't get diminished by the fact that it's a simple stream excerpt, and I stumble around with my English a bit when live.

I will be working (both live and off stream) extensively over the next couple of days in order to perfect what was started in this video. Please take what you see as a work in progress! Shameless plug to join me if you like interactive, no-BS streams.