Friday 12 September 2014

Greater rifts density must be addressed

This problem was brought up during the PTR, and its still a problem in the current live version. Why hasn't anything been done regrading this problem?

greater rifts are time based, if anything they need to be more packed than normal rifts. We're running against the clock and other players.

I find myself seeing many empty hallways, rooms and walking around looking for mobs - seeing my timer beat me not because of dying but endless walking with with handful of mobs or none at all.

some ideas:
  1. all maps must have equal density
  2. some maps must be changed to remove dead end hallways. 3.higher rank elites should drop more purple things (40+)

my biggest issue is simply fighting the RNG density in maps currently. rolling bad map simply means I just wasted my key, this isn't fair nor is it fun. All maps should have equal amount of density, and it must be increased further more from what we're dealing with now.