Saturday 13 September 2014

Minimalist UI

Figured I would run a screenshot through GIMP and see if the UI could be moved around a little. The goal was to make a rough sketch of how it would look like if there was an option in D3 to use a more minimalist UI.

Now, it is not perfect and it is just meant to give you an idea of how much more space you would have in the gameplay area. How many times have you not wanted to target a spell in one of the corners only to instead highlight the chat or click one of the buttons?

I think there is room in D3 to have an option for those who so choose to free up some of that precious gameplay real estate. For those who prefer it the way it is, no problem - this is optional!

Most elements were scaled down 20% and also moved closer to the edges of the screenshot. I did not touch the Action Bar much except for downscaling it, but one could imagine more could be done about that.

Not really happy about the Objectives placement or the way it looks, but as mentioned it is just meant to give you an idea. In this case the Objectives would fan out upwards, not downwards.