Monday 24 November 2014

Demon Hunters: [2.1.2 PTR] Multishot M6 (No Generator)

Actives: Vault - Trail of Cinders Vengeance - Seethe Prep - Punishment Companion - Any Rune Sentry - Spitfire Turrent Multishot - Arsenal

Passives: Awareness Custom Engineering Ballistics Steady Aim

A 5th passive from Hellfire Amulet: Ambush/Numbing Traps/Cull of the Weak (Take which suits your situation best).

Gems: Zei's, Enforcer, and either Gogok of Swiftness or Effacious Toxin (Swiftness if you need the CDR boost, Toxin for the damage).

For the new M6 set, your sentries will now shoot your spenders as often as you cast them, and for every sentry you have active, the stronger your spenders become. With this in mind, we want to prioritize one thing: getting out as many sentries as fast as possible to maximize our damage. This leads us to stacking CDR. The more CDR, the faster you get your turrents out, the higher your damage output.

This whole skill set is relatively gear dependant, having CDR wherever possible is key. This includes your shoulders, helm (gem), gloves, quiver, belt (Vigilante), and even paragon points should be allocated to CDR first for this build. With CDR in all these slots (imperfect rolls), I sit around 41% CDR. Which gets even better if you use Gogok of Swiftness.

Now items aside from M6 pieces. Instead of T&T (which are useless for the new M6), Cindercoat is now BiS imo. The fire damage bonus and resource cost reduction just makes it mandatory for this build. For quiver, you still want to run Rucksack for the bonus 2 sentries you can set up, for even more bonus damage on your spender(s). Any bracer will work, as long as it has Fire %/Dex/Vit/CC. A crossbow would also be the best in this case as it will hit the hardest in comparison to bows/1h, and because of the fact that your sentries will no longer benefit from IAS. Optimally, you want High damage roll/10% Damage/Dex/Socket (+10% CDR if you have rgift).

I've only played a bit with this build for a bit on the PTR but it seems to be very effective. With Seethe, Prep, and Companion, you're able to spam Multishot as often as you'd like. With all the CDR you have, those 3 skills have very high uptimes. I chose Multishot: Arsenal over CA:LfB because Multishot is just way more cost efficient to spam and the area and distance Multishot covers is just disgusting compared to the small patch that CA will cover. And in most cases, Multishot is already sufficient to kill off trash mobs, rift guardians and elites. The only situation CA> Multishot would be the fight against Greater Rift 30+ guardians.

Thoughts and comments are welcome!