Monday 17 November 2014

New Wizard (Experienced Player) - Some advice, if you will.

Hi Wizzies. I'm paragon 560, all of which on DH. After picking up some Firebirds pieces on DH (RNG) I decided to spend shards at Kadala to complete the set with some other lolRNG items I've accumulated.

I've scoured the sidebar, read every Bnet page of the Dot mechanics and read most of the posts in this subreddit. However, there's one or two things I'd like clarifying if you will:

Is there a be all end all specific variation of Firebirds? I understand that it's highly customisable based on your RNG, but if you could hand pick an optimum skillset and equipment - what would it be?

Secondly, wouldn't a two-hander (Furnace, Maximus) automatically mean more damage on your Dot, if rolled well? Or is Serpent Sparker/Sunkeeper FB Source equally effective?

Slow time - better to self cast and run Teleport with Illusionist or run Mirror Image for Slow Time proc?

How do you approach a pack of mobs? Elite or otherwise? From the few hours I had with the build today I casted Slow Time > Black Hole > Apocalypse > Teleport > Black Hole > Slow Time.

Any other tips that would help me out in transitioning from the repetitive Sentry spec, as I'm genuinely excited about playing wizard and the options available to the build.

Many thanks!