Monday 17 November 2014

Witch Doctors: Stay a while and listen: 92 Fetishes in Grift 40+

Since I browse the whole sub on a daily basis and like the awesome community here is it time for me to contribute some smut and keep you guys busy. At this point is the whole concept pure theory crafting and hasn't been tested yet.

The most common 4 man team for high Grifts consists of 2 DH doing all the dmg, 1 tank Monk for gathering up creeps and 1 tank WD to keep every creep locked down. My idea on the contrary is to have a 4 guys doing all dps with low toughness. The gear set-up is based on the highest solo pet build by Raijin with a few changes. I recommend reading it now since I will only discuss the differing set-up. Raijin was able to beat Grift 40+ solo with his set-up and I think that 4 of us can perform even better.

So why 4 pet WD?
We can move incredible fast: The combination of Rechel's Ring of Larceny and the Tiklandian Visage gives us a perma speed boost of up to 60%. The Illusory Boots enable us to run through every monster, this is like a perma spirit walk just faster! The combination with jaunt on top of that and we are able to run from elite to elite in no time. Screw map density, we don't care!

We can lock down every creep (except RG): Well known and no news here but the 24 yards of Face of Death is often not enough due to mean and horrible ranged attacks. But 4 guys with each 24 yards will enable us to cover the whole room no matter how big it is. Furthermore if one group member dies are the elites still locked down, hence resurrecting whilst our minions keep on fighting is not that difficult.

We have crazy single target dps: We skip every trash mop, screw them, we rather have them alive so we can fear them again in case we took a wrong turn and need to boost back. We solely focus on elites and killing them quick. Despite the fact that we suck at killing trash mobs anyhow are the elite kills more effective in order to beat the timer. And on top of that are we already very strong vs. single targets.

The Profile

Gear: Insted of Unity Rechels and travellers set/soj. Since we don't use the MoJ is the elemental dmg quite nice. A well rolled travellers set might be better though.

Skills: Instead of all 4 players using Jaunt might it be better if 2 use the Zombie Dog - Final Gift, since we all get the bonus from Gruesome Feast. This is quite some extra dmg, I get about 4.7k more Int!

Play style: Run Forrest run! If there is no creep to fear we use Jaunt to give us a 3 sec boost. This should be enough to find one to fear and give us the sweet sweet speed boost. As soon as we see an Elite pack do we use spirit walk again to reach them as fast as possible. They wont be able to cast anything since we approach them so fast and left our physical body before they see us. Everyone casts there fetishes next to them and spreads out a bit (depending on the creep density etc.). One BBV underneath the pack to give the fetishes the AS bonus, the other 3 BBVs wherever we are standing. After that we make it rain toads to get more fetishes. It might even be a good idea to split up in 2 groups. Each of us with one jaunt guy (to sprint forward and lock down the pack) and one zdog guy to quickly follow and start the health globe production. This way can we cover huge areas very fast and avoid that our fetishes block each other from surrounding/ hitting the same target.

Cons: Well we are no DH after all, not sure if our dmg output is good enough. Also the RG might give us a hard time. I would love to test this, a two man team could be enough for that. So add me in case you want to: RaphaFluffa #2887, EU SC Season.