Friday 19 December 2014

Diablo III Reaper of Souls PS4 Expansion Pack Rumors Probably Nothing to Get Excited About…

A lot of buzz has been raised these last few days regarding the possibility of a new Diablo III expansion being in the works, based on some statements that Blizzard officials have made through various forums. The community was in quite a hurry to pick up the crumbs and to sensationalize the whole thing, proclaiming that “ the new expansion pack would surprise all the fans” even as they then admitted that the rumors they were talking about, were essentially about whether or not there would be a new expansion for the series. What exactly was the announcement that sparked all the rumors though?

It turns out that most of the bits and pieces of information which led to the current speculations were dropped by Diablo III’s lead producer Alex Mayberry. All Mayberry said though was that Blizzard were in the process of evaluating exactly what shape the next content-update of the game should take: that of an expansion, or an entirely new game. He made it clear that the discussions were focused on the long-term and not on what would happen in the near future. He also mentioned that the company was keeping an eye on the reaction of the community to Reaper, and that the way forth would hinge on this reaction.

The rumors regarding the imminent expansion went as far as to state that there already was a release date set for the new content-batch. Obviously though, that is simply not true. According to Mayberry, developers are already looking at ways they may end up taking the Diablo franchise, which is in-line with the company strategy to have long-term plans in place. Everything in that respect is “up in the air” though, so rumors of an already set release date for a possible expansion are obviously greatly exaggerated.

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