Wednesday 14 January 2015

Not another "more stash space" request. Please Blizzard, give a chance

1) Account wide followers

  • There is no need that separate follower inventories. Accessing the same follower inventories with all characters would be great.

2) Health potion space
  • Health potions in the inventory is suck. We can drag and drop the health potion to the health potion area like the belt system in Diablo 2. Or a health potion place like in Path of Exile. I have made an example:

3) Diablo 1 and 2 soundtrack as optional
  • Reaper of Soul's soundtrack was the biggest surprise for me when the expansion came out. It is brilliant, and I loved Derek Duke's and other composers' works so much. But I would love to see my favourite soundtrack, Diablo 2, in Diablo 3. Blizzard did it same thing for Starcraft 2 before, so I can hope :)

4) Damage prevent when teleport a new place
  • It is a must, especially for the hardcore players. When you teleport with friend's banner or the world map waypoint, after loading screen you can find your character is dead. It is unacceptable, and the solution is so simple. Just prevent the damage taken until the player moves, like in Path of Exile.

5) Put an option for health potion auto pick up
  • It is so annoying, after getting a legendary health potion.

6) Put an option for crafting material auto pick up or Make all crafting material colours same on the ground like the gems*
  • I only want to pick up crafting materials, but their colours are hard to choose. For example, Death's Breath's colour is yellow, and you have to follow all yellow items just for that.

7) Round based PvP arena
  • You know we got brawling in patch 1.0.7, and there is a PvP arena in Diablo 3. I am playing with my close friends sometimes, and even now it is so much fun for me (No ambition, we are playing just for fun!). But there is a problem, there is no round and score in the arena. We do not care unbalanced characters, I am just saying.. Round based PvP arena would be great, like in Path of Exile.

8) More PvP arena maps
  • Random boss rooms would be great for brawling. They are already ready to use, no need to make new maps.

9) More rewards for bounty
  • Actually I love bounties, because of open world feeling, but I always have to do rifts over and over again for leveling and getting items. Of course, some people just love rifts more than bounties, but; If we get the same amount of rewards on bounties, it would be an alternative game mode for some players who do not like to do the same thing over and over again.

/Feel free to discuss