Tuesday 6 January 2015

What did Blizzard do this past half year?

I had an enjoyable time in S1, I reached paragon 800 and while it took a lot of time I had fun. After a few months I got tired of it and I haven't played since. Not only that, I stopped following it because I knew I wouldn't care until S2.

With S2 around the corner D3 has naturally picked up my interest again, but I have to say I'm surprised.

Are we seriously going to play another season with the exactly same builds because Blizzard hasn't been capable of introducing new set bonuses that work?

Sure it's nice that monks are going to be able to use other damage than holy, DH's will be more interactive but in essence they are still exactly the same builds.

I mean, is this seriously going to be a year of Diablo 3 where the only viable element for Wizards is fire?

How is this even possible when Path of Exile is doing seasons faster, with more updates to both gameplay and character builds with a much smaller team and a much smaller money pool that Blizzard?

Is Blizzard just taking a piss on Diablo 3 players when there isn't an expansion coming up which they have to sell?

I'm sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant, but I'm really disappointed.