Saturday 25 April 2015

8 Icons on buffs bar is not enough.

A lot of people have been complaining about this and I couldn't find a past post talking about this so I decided to start the discussion about this.

The buffs bar is there to help us see what we have and keep track of our buffs and stacks. But with today's group play and meta having 8 icons is simply not enough. I'll take my character as example (WW Barb). Playing as a group we have the 4 players buff (1), Focus buff (2), Restraint buff (3), War Cry tracker (4), Battle Rage tracker (5), Taeguk stacks (6), Sprint tracker (7) and Rampage stacks (8). So far the bar is full. If I play with a Monk I also get the mantra buff (9), I use Bash to activate Focus and Restraint buff so the skill have a tracker showing the stacks and the time left with the stacks (10), the Monk use Serenity and add an icon to the bar (11), I get low and activate Ignore Pain (12) and we get a Pylon so it's icon #13. By the time I get all these things, I can't see if I still have Focus and Restraint buff, Bash stacks and don't even know wich pylon the team got without reading the text, and this can get difficult sometimes because my screen is full of tornados (spinning it to win it). That was my case. Today I don't even know if some classes have even more buffs/trackers. Feel free to give your examples.

Do you guys think that 8 icons is enough or Blizzard could add some slots there to make everything easier?

Sorry about any english mistakes. This is not my native language.

TL;DR We have too many buffs and the bar can't handle it.