Sunday 26 April 2015

Can we please have an "I concede" button when running GRs to remove the clock

Currently I'm dying a lot in high 40 GRs. Essentially I'm running a blue-ball DH Krider/Met build, and reflects damage just destroys me.

Rather than quit the game and re-roll, I like to persist. My gems need the upgrade and I don't like to quit. I like the sense of satisfaction when I'm able to take down a pack of elite winged assassins with reflect damage and waller without dying (1 out of 100 times.) I find the challenge fun

What I don't find fun, however, is waiting about 10 minutes to click a "revive" button. At the moment when I come up to a creature set I know I'll wipe a heap of times on I literally alt-tab out and do something else for 15 minutes so I can continue without having to wait for the respawn all the time.

This could be solved very simply by adding a button that simply removed the option of upgrading your keystone at the end, and giving you instant respawns.

This is obviously only good for solo play. Maybe in group play there could be a vote system...?

Would really be interested in hearing your opinions.