Tuesday 14 April 2015

Alkaizer's thoughts on Trials

What pisses me off is that in tavern talk they said something along the lines of 'We don't want people just picking a level because they'll pick too high and not enjoy it'.

1) That's just insulting to the player-base.

2) We still fucking choose with trials. It just takes us fucking ages to make that choice.

3) Not everyone in the game is going for max the entire season and doing that max over and over. No one does that. Everyone does the math and quits out when at the level they want.

4) All of their counter-arguments against alternatives are also counter-arguments against trials. If shitty options are all we have at least give us the least shitty one.

5) They just bring nothing to the table. Nothing.

The obvious alternative that's thrown around here every day.

Start at level 1. Choose any level that you've beaten before +1.

Not only is this better for everyone who hates trials. It's better for the newbie/super-casuals who's glass cannon/aoe builds take them higher in trials than they'd enjoy playing anyway. Just better for every-one.

It's like they're shooting down better options for not being perfect and not realising that they're still SIGNIFICANTLY better than trials.

It's just so dumb.

The only silver lining is that a trials hot-fix wouldn't negatively impact leaderboards and also be happily accepted by the community mid-season...

We need some kind of panel of elected players to have an open discussion with the dev team once per season so that they actually have some idea about what it's like to play the game. There's just this gigantic disconnect right now between the players and blizzard.

Sorry for the language. I just don't understand on any level what the dev team are thinking with trials. I can’t comprehend it.