Sunday 12 April 2015

Deadset's Guide to: Tal Rasha Wizard (GR50+)

Happy Season 3 to you all, and may RNGsus bring you all the right loot (and Unburied, and Stoneboy...)

Much like in Patch 2.1.2, I have set out to explore all the classes and provide a guide from personal experience, in the highest gameplay environment I can accomplish at the time. The first one is dedicated to the Tal Rasha Wizard, one of my favorite reworks in S3.


Key points of the guide:

  • The suggested build can easily tackle GR50+, as evidenced by the demonstration - completing GR51 in sub-optimal gear.
  • While focused on Serpent's Sparker and Hydras to deliver the majority of the non-Meteor damage, the guide outlines a key variation into pure Meteor / semi-melee gameplay, if you don't enjoy being a summoner.
  • The build takes advantage of the seasonal bracer Ranslor's Folly for Energy Twister crowd control, but can deviate into Ancient Parthan Defenders / Halo of Arlyse combo if you prefer tankyness over glass cannon gameplay.
  • The guide mentions the flexibility of the shoulder slot and suggests either the consistent (but close range) damage of Death Watch Mantle, or the RNG cheat death of Pauldrons of the Skeleton King.
  • The utility of Pain Enhancer for Hydra attack speed is mentioned in the Legendary Gem section, alongside the usual suspects BotT, Zei and Toxin.

I hope you enjoy the guide and have as much fun as I did on Tal Rasha! The set is in my top revamps of 2.2, alongside Immortal King, Natalya (the next guide!) and Zunimasa.