Friday 10 April 2015

Here's some different, in-depth advice for speed leveling in Season 3 that isn't often explained

Hey folks, so we basically see the same leveling advice being repeated over and over every season etc. so I put together a guide that's a little more in-depth on certain tactics that may not be as obvious to newer players. I also have a master spreadsheet that I will be using for my 1-70 in season 3, with point-for-point what I will be doing at every level etc.

Spreadsheet here.

Some key points from the video:

Halls 3 is just as fast as cursed chest farming, but combine both methods for a ~15% improvement in leveling speed (see spreadsheet for a Wizard method).

Plan you skills and crafting ahead of time. This can account for a lot of wasted time over the course of the 1-70 process.

Have a system that allows you to basically instantly know on mouse-over when an item is an upgrade or not. You can waste so much time over the course of 1-70 debating if an item is an upgrade (see spreadsheet for my method).

Optimize your 1-70 build for doing these specific runs: big, fast, spammable AoE that can hit just about all the monsters in a cursed bounty.

Learn to pull. Don't waste any time, don't waste any mana, don't waste any attacks; always optimize the amount of damage you're dealing by maximizing the number of targets hit (may need to watch the video to understand pulling; if you're a high-GRift barb though, you obviously know what this means).

Basically, this really boils down to making you more conscientious of how you are spending (wasting) your time. Because I edit a lot of videos, I've come to realize how much time I waste standing around in town, looking at skills, items, etc. Speed leveling is all about min-maxing: the typical advice tends to focus on maxing - maximizing your speed, but we can't forget to also minimize our wasted time. It seems intuitive enough, but I see a lot of people who just don't "get" it.

Happy Season 3.