Tuesday 26 May 2015

Aether Walker Wizard is the most fun I've ever had in Diablo 3.

I played this game since its release several years ago, and I've never had as much fun with the game until recently when I started playing with the Aether Walker Meteor set up that people have been using to solo clear 60+ GRs. 

It's by far the most enjoyable AND efficient solo spec I've ever played.

A big turn off for solo farming rifts for me are the nasty elite affixes, and this build completely bypasses this problem since you're normally skipping elites anyways. 

And my favorite thing about this build is its super high learning curve, because as long as you are skilled enough you can pretty much guarantee your survival. 

Be warned, if you just picked up this spec, expect to die... A LOT. It really is a steep learning curve, but its also very rewarding once you master it. 

Also, this build can consistently solo clear mid 40s in sub 5 minutes no matter the mob composition!

Anyone who has an Aether Walker and not using it, I highly recommend trying this build out!! ITS SO MUCH FUN: