Monday 18 May 2015

Witch Doctors: Speed Jade T6 Build (Patch 2.2)

With the current meta of Diablo 3, speed farming has became a popular tool to raise paragon levels, farm rift/trial keys, and gather crafting materials. Monk, and Barbs have proven to be very efficient at T6/Low GR level farming, due to their bursty damage, and speed increasing abilities. They're by far the MOST EFFICIENT WAY to speed farm Low Level content. However a lot of people don't want to Re-Roll, and or play an alternate class just due to the advantages they may have. So what I decided to do was piece together a speed farming build for the WD class for T6/Low Level content.

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T6 Bounty Full Clear

T6 Rift Run

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Time Averages

All this data was recorded in order to show how the build preforms over an extended amount of time. I've listed all the information, over the course of a 10 run segments for bounties, and rifts. A total of 3 different trial runs were completed, which resulted in 30 T6 Bounties/Rifts, ran.

Stats for first Trial

Sheet dps: 1.1m

toughness: 8.1m

Crit chance: 50%

Crit Dmg: 375%

element poison: 44%%

increase spell: Locust Swarm 26%

Gems: Boon of the horder 26, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 27

Bounties T6:

1st: 10:10.30

2nd: 8:46.60

3rd: 10:52:01

4th: 9:18.51

5th: 7:59:00

6th: 9:45:.99

7th: 6:47

8th: 10:05

9th: 8:56

Final Run: 7:50

Avg time: 9:03

Total Time: 1:30:00

Rifts T6:

1st: 3:40

2nd: 3:30

3rd: 3:10

4th: 3:39

5th: 3:41

6th: 2:45

7th: 3:42

8th: 5:34

9th: 4:13

Final Run: 5:28

*Avg time: 3:56

*Total Time: 39:22

Stats for Second Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gems: Boon of the hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.49

2th: 9.47

3rd: 8.22

4th: 8.14

5th: 12.52

6th; 9.14

7th: 10.11

8th; 8.54

9th: 8.19

Final Run: 9.40

Avg time: 9:32

Total Time: 1:35:00

Rifts T6

1st: 3.53

2nd: 3.57

3rd: 3.38

4th: 3.23

5th: 3.30

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.23

8th: 4.46

9th: 4.14

10th: 2:45

Avg: 3:42

Total Time: 36:57

Stats for third & final Trial

Sheet dps: 1.5m

Toughness: 9.4m

Crit chance: 50.5%

Crit Dmg: 389%

Element poison: 44%

Increase spell: Haunt 28%

Gem: Boon of the Hoarder 37, Bane of the trapped 42, Wreath of lightning 38

Bounties T6

1st: 9.21

2nd: 8.45

3rd: 8:45

4th: 9.20

5th: 8.58

6th: 7.56

7th: 7.55

8th: 8.58

9th: 7.39

Final Run: 7.4

Avg: 8:31

Total Time: 1:20:16

Rifts T6

1st: 3.41

2nd: 4.08

3rd: 3.32

4th: 3.33

5th: 5.44

6th: 4.14

7th: 3.33

8th: 5.19

9th: 3.47

Final Run: 2.08

Avg: 3:58

Total Time: 39:39

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Overall Time Avg, and best times

In this section I've listed video links to my best times I had accomplished over the 30 Trial runs. I thought these were the most interesting, because I wanted to showcase how good RNG can really effect the outcome of these times. Below that section I gave the final avg times for all 30 runs, for Rifts, and Bounties.
Best T6 Rift time: 2:08

Best T6 Rift Video
Best T6 Bounty run: 6:47

Best T6 Bounty Video

Average Overall time for Full Clear T6 Bounties:
Avg Time: 9:02

Average Overall time for T6 Rifts:
Avg Time: 3:52

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Paragon Setup:

Core Prioritization

1.Movement Speed until max


Offensive Prioritization

1.Cool Down Reduction

2.Crit Chance

3.Crit Damage

Defensive Prioritization


2.Life %

3.All Resistance

Utility Prioritization

1.Resource Cost Reduction

2.Life on hit

3.Area Damage

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Gear & Skill Setup

Link to gear that I used
Skill Setup

Link to Skill setup

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Gem Setup

Gem Choices are pretty straight forward here, were taking the known two Legendary gems that provide a speed boost while in combat. However since there only two legendary gems that do this, our third option will lean to a gem that will boost the overall damage of the build.

Bane of the Trapped

Solid Damage increase for our Dots

Auto Procs itself @ LV 25

Wreath of Lighting

Lightning Damage is very solid vs T6 Monsters, if leveled up high enough

Provides a Speed boost, while the lightning effect is triggered (requires level 25)

Boon of the Hoarder

Running this due to the level 25 secondary

While picking up gold after slaying an enemy, we will be provided with a solid speed boost

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Video of build in action:

Build Break Down

Build in Action T6 Bounties

Build in Action T6 Rifts