Wednesday 23 September 2015

Patch 2.3 Brings Back Diablo III Archon Build

The Diablo III community will probably agree that patch 2.3 was a superb addition to the game. Besides all the more obviously positive accomplishments it has logged, patch 2.3 has apparently also resurrected one of the most popular and arguably most interesting character builds: the wizard archon build. The archon has apparently been made capable of tackling high 60 Greater Rifts and even more.

Wizards as a general rule hadn't received much love from the devs prior to this patch, but they're now right back in the thick of the action as the archon build by itself has made it worth giving the new patch a go. Playing the archon is quite an experience indeed. It is about giving up the advantage of range and literally getting into the thick of the mobs, playing a very rewarding hybrid-melee style.

The archon is a very item-heavy build (as are most other D3 builds - as some will no doubt be quick to point out). It requires tons of gear, like Vyr's Amazing Arcana set, in addition to Chantodo's Resolve, Ancient Parthan Defenders and Fazula's Improbable Chain. Because of the Vyr's set, archon stacks become the most important character-building currency in this instance, increasing player survivability while allowing the character to kill mobs faster. Interestingly, they also allow the player to gain additional stacks faster and to refresh archon faster too. As an archon, the player should therefore move his/her primary focus from killing mobs to gaining stacks.

Also part of the "compulsory" archon gear is the Halo of Arylse, which I failed to mention above and which acts in synergy with the Ancient Parthan Defenders, allowing the players to freeze mobs and thus to take drastically less damage when up close. The 3-second cool-down teleport is a major part of the deal as well, allowing the player to be constantly on the move and to land near freezable mobs all the time.

The bottom line: regardless of the play style you enjoy, with the right gear, the newly revived archon build is a lot of fun and well worth giving a shot.

Philip Thalberg works for Gosugamers, the web's top eSports destination for everything from stats to odds.