Wednesday 23 September 2015

I would like to raise torches and pickforks to get Blizzards attention on the design of ghosts...

... I am incredibly fed up. Everytime I try to progress the only thing that keeps me from reaching higher rifts are those goddamn ghosts.

It's not like I dont like challenge - pushing into ladder with mainstream chars is challenge enough. But having to deal with broken mechanics is just messed up.

Keyfacts that make me feel they are broken:
  • no possibility to avoid an actual hit (no projectile to evade, no indicator of where it will hit)
  • unavoidable damage (lock on channeling, no possibility to flee)
  • ridiculous range (sometimes they are off screen, no possibility to flee)
  • goes through walls (especially doors you haven't opened yet)
  • no line of sight interruption (some sprite animation coming through a wall - lookin' really good thumbsup)

/rant I can live with exorcists, they are PITA but managable, but ghosts... well.. can only pray they will be tuned.