Tuesday 6 October 2015

Blizzard Hiring. What's Cooking in the Diablo Universe?

Patches have been squeezed out at a very alert pace lately for Blizzard's Diablo III, which has been riding its first expansion, Reaper of Souls, for more than a year now. The popularity of the last expansion and the continuously tweaked features have managed to keep the game very relevant to this day, but it now looks like Blizzard are ready to pull the trigger on a second expansion pack, before some of the existing players lose interest and move on.

A couple of days ago, a posting popped up on Blizzard's careers website, a posting according to which, the company is looking for an Art Director for a Diablo-universe based, as yet unannounced project. Although no one has said specifically it was for Diablo III's second expansion, logic says that's all it could really be.

For starters - as said above - Reaper of Souls landed more than a year ago. Secondly: Blizzcon is drawing near fast and all the other major company franchises have already had their big announcements, essentially meaning that Diablo is now the only one that could produce some hype through an expansion announcement of its own.

 Another fact to consider is that in the wake of all the patches and its first expansion, Diablo III is better than ever, something not lost on players as the fan/player-base of the game keeps on growing. In light of all that, bringing out Diablo 4 now wouldn't make a lot of sense.

If it really is the second expansion-pack we think it is, what could we possibly expect from it? Reaper of Souls set quite a solid benchmark in this respect: it brought in a new class and it upped the max level to 70, to make a long story short. This is in line with what we might expect from a second expansion, as one or two of the "traditional" Diablo classes (Necromancer, Druid and Assassin) may be brought back into the fold in a straightforward move that - given the level of player interest - would be a guaranteed home run.

All the above is just speculation at this point though...and the hiring may only be a herald of much more modest significance for a mobile project.

Philip Thalberg works for eSportslistings, the web's top destination for esports odds.