Wednesday 14 October 2015

The anatomy of a botter v2.

So few weeks passed since the great purge, and we all know he is back, stronger than ever. I just thought it might be interesting to look at some numbers to see if brother chris returned to his side aswell or not. (we all know the answer but i looked anyway) Screenshot of played hours until 15:08 CET today 

 We dont know the exact time he started this new account but we can roughly tell from this: 

 lets say he started fresh 2 hours before that achievement. Screenshot of time difference. (CET)

427 hours played in 18 days 4 hours, thats around 9 hours downtime since first day of new account. So roughly half an hour of sleep each day. Thats impressive! We can confirm brother chris has evolved and reached final form. Now just need gg riff for legit rank1.