Thursday 29 October 2015

I reached Grift 60 on my Crusader! I hope my story and stats can motivate you to do the same.

I just reached Grift level 60 and am now very close to completing the season journey :D Reaching this Grift level solo was actually the task I was looking up against the most, so I'm very happy it's finally done.

I'm making this post to be able to share my accomplishment with people who know the game, but also to promote personal preference in your builds. On top of that, I consider myself a casual gamer and being able to complete the season journey and reach the leaderboard while still getting good grades at my university shows that other casuals should also be able to get that awesome portrait as well!

Some stats:
I'm on EU server
I started playing a couple of days after Season 4 started
So far, I've put 101 hours and 32 minutes into my Crusader
I'm currently Rank 364 on the Solo Crusader ladder for Season 4 with a completion time of 13:48
I exclusively played Crusader this season, so I have no paragon levels or gem levels farmed on a monk or whatever

I realize my average play time is approximately 102 hours / 32 days = 3,2 hours per day. It's probably because patch 2.3 is so much to my liking that I actually wanted to get so much time in this season. However, to support the casuals, the season is not over yet by far! With two more months to go (assuming a season of at least 3 months), you should be able to get where I am or higher with an hour of play per day on average.

If you have any questions or require a gear check, don't hesitate to comment!

Now on to promoting personal preference in builds. above is  my character. To summarise:
I'm using Leoric's Crown instead of Hexing pants
I'm using both Eye of Etlich and a String of Ears
I'm not using the Indestructible passive
I'm using Pain Enhancer instead of Gogok
I have a permanent CDR of 47,22% = 1-(1-0.25 Helm diamond with Leoric in cube)x(1-0.15 Fervor passive)x(1-0.10 Paragon points)x(1-0.08 CDR roll on shoulders)

I did not want to feel obligated to stutter step all the time, so I dismissed the Hexing pants and choose Leoric's Crown instead for more CDR. This allowed me not use Gogok and switch it to Pain Enhancer and also to only have CDR on my Shoulder armor. My rings, weapon and other items don't have CDR, but another useful stat instead. Long story short, make changes to existing builds to make it suit your play style! It might just work :)

I'm really glad I'm on route to obtaining an 'end-game' reward. I was never able to reach Master League in Starcraft. I was never able to get the Legend cardback in Hearthstone. I was not able to reach Rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm. For the first time, I will get an in-game reward that shows I've been at the top. I'm just very happy I did it and hope you will get the same feeling after reaching yours as well!

Ask me anything and otherwise good luck in-game!