Tuesday 20 October 2015

Losing Your Diablo III Character the Deadmous5 Way

Hardcore is arguably one of the most popular Diablo III game-modes, for a good reason: the stakes are really high there. While being a hardcore player is something everyone aspires to, the price of failure is extremely high: once a character is killed, it is forever lost, regardless of the circumstances that led to its demise, and yes, that means lag, disconnect issues and just about everything else you can think of are all covered. Once a hero dies, it is gone for good. Of course, losing a high-level character to lag will indeed feel unfair, as Deadmous5, the famed music producer, was forced to find out the other day.

Interestingly enough, Deadmous5 managed to record the incident and he posted the video, together with a sharp rebuke of Blizzard's servers which he said were at the root of the problem. His character was a Demon Hunter, one apparently ranked pretty high in the Solo Hardcore leaderboards. Obviously, being the gamer that he is, Deadmous5 will probably be back near the top of the pops in short order, still, the incident isn't one to be taken lightly at all. See for yourself:


Regardless of how one turns this around, it's just utterly unfair...Hopefully, the attention that Deadmous5 has already managed to shine upon the issue will prompt Blizzard to do something about such server-related issues which result in such high costs for their players.

Philip Thalberg works for esportslistings, the web's top destination for competitive gaming odds