Monday 19 October 2015

Why did Blizzard not make Diablo into an esport?

Blizzard, who we all can agree is the most epic gamemaker on earth (!). They can claim the responsibility for what I must say might be some of the best esport game titels in the world. StarCraft or the more recent Hearthstone for that matter are excellent examples of this. As the pro gamer you already are, I know that you already know all of this about Blizzard being awsome. However, you might not have figured yet is why Diablo did not become one of them? What goes through the game creators mind at Blizzard when they come up with a new game? And who is deciding wheter or not a game should belong to the esport category, and if so, on what premisses?

From the first beta
When I was a kid I grew up playing the beta of Diablo. It was the first online game I’ve had ever played and it was the cuase of our first ever argument about the internet and maybe more importantly over the bill cuased by the online connection. I had spent more than 50 hours in front of the computer that month, both mornings and evenings. My dad was sooo furious. I had no controll playing this game.. I can still remember a day in mid school my friends were talking about the first boss ”the butcher”. When I got there, I almost pissed my pants. I genuinly appreciated the intense hunt for gear and the real risk of loosing it all down in the deep deep dungeuns held by Diablo. Maybe my regular life was to boring but sometimes I wished Diablo was real. Perhaps I needed something to strive for.

After playing pretty much every game on all different kinds of pattforms I realized I was not looking for something to strive for in life. I just enjoyed the challenge and wanted to be the best, just like a Pokémon trainer. in life during the I realized nothing was as fun as playing a game in which you have some stakes. Of whatever kind. Me and my friends used to be betting 50 push ups, going for food or sometimes even betted their new shoes.

My past has brought me to my present and as a betting esport enthusiast, I just can’t belive that I am not able to see some awsome characters fight it off on a live stream. When that happends I will end my ”gaming career” and retire doing just that. And to get back to the question about why Diablo didn’t become an esport game? My anser is: I don’t know why or on what premisses Blizzard did not make Diablo into an esport game, but I would have loved it if they did :P